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Temperature Controlled Environment for Best Results

We feel strongly that a temperature controlled environment is the best environment to install a replacement windshield. Ohio weather can change rapidly. It’s best to replace a windshield away from the elements, where dirt, debris, moisture and changing temperatures can affect the outcome. A safer installation is one that’s done in a controlled environment.

Not one car manufacturer recommends a driveway as the best place to replace a windshield.

We’re proud to use adhesives made in the USA. We know their origin and their track record. We use them with great confidence. All adhesives are not alike. Since customers cannot see the adhesives, we could be using grade school glue for all they know. But, at Haidet’s Auto Glass, the adhesive is just another detail that’s too important to cut corners. When we replace your windshield, you can drive with confidence, knowing we use only the highest quality adhesives, and are trained in the proper application of those adhesives. Inferior adhesives can compromise an installation. A windshield can thus break loose and separate from the vehicle, putting the lives of the car’s occupants at risk.

Premium OEM Grade Auto Glass

That’s what we use at Haidet’s Auto Glass. Period. Again, it’s about the safety and structural integrity of your vehicle. OEM grade windshield replacements are made to the same strict standards used in original auto glass for manufacturers. There’s plenty of lower grade replacement auto glass being manufactured. We want our customers to be safe and secure. So, we insist on using the finest OEM grade auto glass.



We feel really confident about our product, our service and our people. We’re always working to improve and perfect our business. We give your windshield our due diligence so you can drive with confidence.


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Preparing a windshield is a tedious task, but necessary.

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How American-made automotive glass is produced.

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